It’s October!

Fall. Halloween. Pumpkin Spice. Sweater. Fires. Anniversary. 

Its’s officially fall! Time to put away those shorts & summer decor & bring in the leaves & sweaters. I cannot decide what I’m most excited for. Fall is my favorite season of all. Perfect weather. No more heat & humidity. Yuck. The nice lowering temperatures & a cool breeze to knock those leaves off the trees. That means bring on the warmer clothes!

Sweater freaking weather! So comfy & warm. I probably have enough sweaters to go the whole season without doing laundry. Being fall also means pumpkin spice lattes. Yes ma’am. It’s so hard not to have one everyday. Yummmmy. Yes, I am your basic white girl in the fall. Walking into Starbucks wearing leggings, boots, & a long fluffy sweater going to order a pumpkin spice latte. The smell of burning leaves is my favorite smell. No idea why, but it smells so good. That & being next to a warm fire curled in a blanket. That is life.

October also means for Halloween! Love love love. I mean who doesn’t love to get all dressed up in something different & go out. When I was younger I also did it for the candy, but now that wouldn’t be acceptable for me. It takes me forever to figure out who or what I will be. Already, I can’t choose between 2 things. And that’s because I won’t let my mind wander to thing of something else to add to my options. There’s just too many choices! There’s always next year though. Aside form December, this is the month to just binge watch movies! Hocus Pocus, the  Halloweentown series, Charlie Brown, Twitches, & The Adam’s family. Those are my classics. I am a scaredy cat when it comes to scary movies. So your Halloween favorites might be totally different from mine. I just think too much into them & then imagine it in real life. 

I may be biased on October being my favorite month because that’s Tyler & I’s anniversary month. It’s going to be 2 years since we married. We have been going on vacay at that time to celebrate. It’s the perfect weather to go anywhere. We are not fans of the heat or the cold. Unfortunately, that means being away for Halloween. It’s Tyler’s favorite holiday. Wherever we go, there’s always somewhere that we can go to spend it. 

All the above & more! My excitement no longer contained. Cheers to the Fall!!



The Start of a New Day

“With the new day comes new strength & new thoughts. “

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Clarity. Do you every wake up with a million things, ideas, & plans running through your head? You start your day with a new head space. It’s free & clear so that you can start the day with a new approach. Yesterday is the past. You can make today what you want. You control your mind & thoughts. Of course, sometimes the mind wanders, but it’s up to you what you do with that information. If something occurs the day before, a good sleep is good for the mind. It gives you a rest & time to think in a different perspective. The strength that you have so suddenly when you wake is because you gave your head a brief moment of peace & time to recuperate. 

I have restarted practicing yoga. It’s good for your mind & body. You finish refreshed. I am making new life decisions that I’m terrified of doing, but I found my strength. I believe in myself & I know I will find the right path for me. My strength & positivity are most visible in the morning. I do not have those negative thoughts telling me it’s too risky or stupid. As the day goes on, I get to control if those thoughts stick to me or not. I am going to continue to not let that happen. I am working on not letting any negative thoughts that I may have get to me. I am in control. As are you. You know what’s best for you. I am a happy sunshine person & cannot let negatives get the best of me. It messes with your mind. Clarity. We all need clarity to do the best for ourselves. 

It’s just like I said earlier. Yesterday is in the past. You can forgive & forget, but it’s important to move forward. Don’t go on & on repeating the negatives in you. It is not good for your mind. Focus on the positives of your life. If you can’t think that far, just focus on your ‘today’. The greatness that you could be today. The good deeds or short term goals. Sometimes I get a little angry with myself for not cooking dinner. I wake the next day & I become determined to make dinner that night. That is a version of strength. You can move on, but still do better. Obviously, cooking dinner may not be a big deal to all, but it was just a small example of me. 



Saying Goodbye


Delilah Jane


Today we let you go. I remember when you came into our lives. You & your twin sister. She passed away soon after you guys arrived. You were a queen from the start. “Queen Bitch” as I called you. When you were young, you were a wild thing playing with the others. As you grew up you became lazy. Acting all mature & too good to play with a toy. My brother learned if he said “You want to climb a tree” you would perk your ears up & tilt your head to the side because you heard “You want a treat.” Haha. 

You were always by mom’s side. One summer I spent all my time at home with you, & I liked to think that you were actually my girl. You were the dog that got to stay in the house full-time. Spoiled. Rotten. After the split, mom took care of you like the spoiled dog you were. I mean, yes, when I came to take care of you when she was out you definitely got your fair share of treats & canned food. You were good at keeping secrets & pawing me when I cried. And you definitely hated taking selfies with me. Always mean mugging.

I didn’t get to say goodbye. I don’t think that I would have been able to, so maybe you did me a favor. We knew the time was coming, but I’m glad you left on your own terms.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life. Mainly, just being my main bitch. I love you & say hi to Dee Dee for me!



Take A Leap

Do you ever want so bad to do something, but you’re scared. Yeah, I’ve been struggling with that. Today, though, I made my move. I decided that I needed to do it for me. My happiness. My well being. And I’m proud. Scared, but proud.

Going back & forth. Finally, I made my decision & put in my two weeks at work. I knew that I had the balls to do it today, but probably not tomorrow. I haven’t been happy for awhile. The time has come. Why not open a new chapter? Why not do something that I’ve been wanting. Geez, it took everything for me to do it. I love my job. I really do, but things just aren’t right for me or my body. With my back & hips, it’s just not worth it. I need to do this to protect my body, & not wear it down more. I took one step getting a yoga mat. This isn’t a step. It’s a leap. I know it’s the right thing to do for me, so it’s how I’m able to be confident and keep my head high. 

It’s something I’m learning, but if you are going to do something, do it for yourself. 


Smile, it’s Friday!

It’s the weekend!! Today was long, but it’s still not over. What gets me through Fridays is knowing I have the next 2 days off. One day for cleaning & getting things done. The second day for relaxing & having fun. Now, I have to go in to work tomorrow at the ass crack of dawn. Definitely not how I wanted to start my Saturday, but it’ll only be for a couple hours. I can deal with that.

I was going to start my weekend by taking a little nap. My body was super excited, but my mind said ehh I don’t think so, Amanda. My friend’s going away party is tonight. Haven’t seen him in a bit, but this will be my last chance for awhile as he goes off to Florida.

Other than that, no plans for the weekend. I like it like that. No pressure. It’s how I feel like weekends should be. Hubby & I will come up with something to do when we feel like venturing out into the world. Whether it’s something fun or just going out to eat. Honestly, if we decided to be lazy all weekend and just binge whatever show we’ve started watching I’d be great with that too.

My yoga mat came in this afternoon. Yay! And, of course, it’s purple. I’m glad I’m finally getting back into that. It’s been quite awhile. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime because if I waited too long, then the urge of doing yoga again might have gone away.

Hope all, as well as myself, has a fantastic weekend!


The Journey to Accomplish a Goal

As a couple, we set goals. Money is something that got in the way with one of our goals, but we got past it. It took a lot of effort, but the end result made the journey worth it. When Tyler and I got married, we were just scraping by. It was definitely a struggle, but we needed to figure out how to improve our way of living. We started an expenses spreadsheet. It showed how much we both brought in every month compared to the amount we were spending on bills and miscellaneous things.

We had a goal: Buy a house. Together we agreed we needed to work more and push for those 40 hour weeks, and also get that overtime where we could. We started couponing and eating in more. I enjoy cooking so that was a win for me. Unfortunately, that meant I had to cut back on my shopping sprees. There were also some cut backs in bills that had to be done. For instance, not turning on the air & heat so much in the summer & winter. All in all, sacrifices needed to & did happen in order for us to one day reach our goal. And in the end, we reached our dollar amount goal we set for ourselves. That began our house hunting & we soon found our perfect home. Once the loan process began, it started to get intense since we had to watch our expenses even more.

We originally were going to receive 100% financing, but that went away with a quick phone call. They said we had been making too much money. How ironic is it that we worked so hard to be able to be at a place to purchase a house that we then worked too much to receive help for it.

With buying a house comes other expenses. Well, you need a fridge, right? Ka-ching! How about a washer & dryer? Ka-ching! And the purchases kept going. We had fights about what to buy, how much to spend, and when to actually buy. At first, I was not worried. Here we are 4 months later & still have all those expenses plus more. Luckily the largest one has 1 more payment.

We’ve had the ‘second jobs’ conversation a few times. Right now we are at the point of “Okay this number keeps dropping, so now what?” We are both nervous, so the second job option is drawing near. It is not something that either one of us want, but we do not want to go back to the place where we first began. We want that safety. So here we are with a ‘what are our options’ conversation. We have ideas, but so far nothing concrete.