I Can’t

I am trying with everything I have to keep myself together. I am a mess. I’ve got too much on my plate & each day more shit gets added on. This girl cannot handle much more. I am trying not to go all dark and twisty, but it is becoming too hard. Anxiety has taken over. I can’t keep food down, have a good nights sleep, or even shop these damn shakes. I even have a rash for goodness sake. I need a breather from everything and everyone. I can’t even keep myself composed long enough to work. I can’t stop crying. I want to run and hide. I have a million thoughts or none at all. Legit all over the place. I have no idea what to do or how to do it. I am terrified. 

He doesn’t care. He isn’t listening. He is oblivious to the problems. When I point them out, he just stares. Clueless. He has said & done unforgiving things. I have asked for things to be done in order for me to continue, but nothing has been done. I just don’t know.

She isn’t here for me. She is my number one. She has seen me. I told her I deed her while I cried in her arms. She responds with “We have to go.” Sometimes a girl needs her mom. This past weekend, I needed mine. Of course, she was too busy. Something happened/happening to me & she has no idea. She hasn’t given me the chance. When I finally hear from her, it is just to see if I have plans this weekend so I could come celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday. No. Just no. 

The two people who know me the best in this world I don’t even have right now. I know I’m not, but I feel so alone. So empty. I can’t handle this. I can’t stop crying. I am trying to just breathe, but right now it is not so easy. All my positivity is officially gone. I have nothing left.

I just can’t. 

Time for Honesty

It has been a rough & busy few months, but I’m back in action doing what is good for the soul! 

I did find a job in December. As of yesterday I got my license as a pharmacy technician! Two months in & still a hell of a lot to learn. It has definitely been interesting, but I do like it. One day is not like another. When I was hired, they had just bought out two other pharmacies. That is a crap ton of people to take on. Another thing is that we are currently short staffed. Fortunately, I do like everyone that I work with. They are nice & definitely helping me learn everything, well at least the basics for now. 

After getting the ‘having a new job’ in routine, it was time for me to start working on the next hurdle I had to face. It is a scary one, but it is the one thing standing in my way of complete happiness. It is something I have zero experience with & in no way was ever prepared for such. Hell, I am not even comfortable talking about it. I am not sure how to say it other than being blunt. 

Falling in love is easy. Marrying said person is easy. What happens when that love starts to fade right before your eyes? There is no ‘how to’ or rule book to help. You marry a person because you love and accept them as a whole. What happens when that person starts changing, but not changing in a good way? What happens when you start losing that person you are in love with?

First, it takes being honest with yourself. It was not at all easy to think about, but I needed to be able to pinpoint when & how it started happening. Yes, I had kept quiet trying to put together my thoughts & feelings. I did not want to hurt him. I was holding out hope for what I was thinking at the time was a ‘phase’. I was not facing reality, my reality. I was scared & I still am. Little by little I started to put the pieces in my mind together, but this puzzle is no where near complete. I finally began to be honest with not only myself, but the one person it pertains to.

As I started putting the pieces together, I was open to him about it. It was so damn hard & heartbreaking to say out loud. Honesty is the best thing I could give. Over time, I have felt like I lost the man that I fell in love with. Some people change, yes, but how do you confront the ones that have changed for the worst. Over the past month or so, there have been countless words, tears, & fights. It sucks for sure, but tiptoeing & silence would be getting us no where. I try to give time & space, but how long am I going to continue to be unhappy. I can only take so much of the silence. That is basically not responding to anything so that we can improve. With no sign of change, I have definitely asked if this was a thing that he even wanted to work on. Of course, the answer was yes, but it was and still is so hard to believe when nothing has changed. It becomes hard to focus on anything. It is also awkward when we are both home together, but it does not feel like we are together at all. Sometimes I just do not know what to do, or say. With my new job, I work varying hours, so there are days when we really only get a glimpse of each other. When we do get that time together, I think it is a great opportunity to talk & work on us.

No one wants confrontation, but the act of communicating is needed. It does not have to turn into a fight every single time. The thing is, it just gets so frustrating while facing facts. More so when the other person does not see or understand your side of things. Communication is where we have always flawed. I have been working on that more than anything, so that my actions & feelings are expressed thoroughly.

I am done hiding. I am trying & I am not one to give up until I have tried everything. The thing is, I cannot be the only one. It is kind of like I am in the middle of a dark forest. I have no idea what lies in front of me, but I have to keep moving to survive. Unfortunately, it feels like I am running on cruise control because the fight has brought me so down. How many more options do I have? How much longer do I have to wait for answers? Checking out has never been something I wanted to do, but what can you do when you have exhausted yourself?

Cheers to holding on to your fight!



Interviewing Processes

The word interview is defined as a meeting of people face to face. 

What is interviewing today? There are different types of interviews that can be conducted. Also, interview questions can be all over the place. I always though you apply somewhere, they call you to set up a time for you to come in, the interview happens, & then they called you later on to let you know if you got the job or not. 

I learned in school how a general interview should go. They ask the basic questions like, “Why did you apply for this position?” “What are your strengths and weaknesses?” “What skills do you have that will help you excel in this field?” In my now experience, I have found out that those aren’t always asked anymore. You can prep yourself for the interview only so much. There is no telling what is going to be talked about. For instance, today I was asked “what kind of vibe are you getting here with us?” Seriously, what kind of question is that. At first I wasn’t sure if they were legit asking me that, but don’t worry they really were. I hear my best friend’s experiences too as we go through this process together. Today at her interview they were talking about video games. Hmm. It is interesting & yes they have that in common, but still. Is it talked about to make it all more personal? I guess I always imagined an interview is a serious thing.

This past week, I have been emailing with a company that I applied for. We have gone back & forth about the company & applications I would have to be familiar with. After a few emails, he sent me 10 questions for me to answer. They were about how I feel about their mission statement, values, & how I could relate to them. I think they were good interview questions. Over an email, though? I just have never heard of an email interview. Apparently, it is a real thing. Sure, I can answer questions & put them in pretty sentences. How can you get to know someone by an email or phone call. Of course, I emailed back my answers. He was pleased with them & asked to set up a video interview. Now this is better than just over the phone. At least it’s kind of like a face to face. They can see me & I can see them. It’s more personable than a phone call. It was a little nerve racking at first, but all in all I think it went good. I was asked to take time to actually come to the office to a face to face interview. That I have scheduled for tomorrow. How many interviews is necessary? I’m not sure how many more questions could be asked of me. I asked all my questions for them today. Ha, I guess I’m getting every kind of interview with this one.

Cheers to the questions!


The Unmotivated

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”                                                       Og Mandino

I haven’t felt completely like myself lately. I haven’t posted or really even written anything in awhile. It’s really weird & I guess I just haven’t felt like it. There’s been nothing major happening or I just haven’t been inspired or motivated enough. 

One thing that mom has always told me is to never lose myself. These past couple weeks, I’m pretty sure I have lost something in myself. I’ve gone back & forth with being depressed. Probably because I have no real responsibilities. I am also not sleeping great. I’m up until the A.M. & only sleep for about 4 hours. It’s like my mind is shut off, but also on full power at the same time. Yoga also is not apart of my daily routine right now. I mean it was something I was super pumped about bringing back into my life, & I just stopped. If you were to ask me why, I would not have an answer. I really don’t because I’ve been asking myself that question & trying to figure out how to get back to me. It feels like I’m giving up at times & at others I’m fighting like hell. 

I have been jobless for over a month now. Still nothing. I am officially resorting to apply anywhere. I honestly just need to start earning money. I think the fact that I don’t have a job or that no one has hired me is hitting me hard. I mean it makes sense. This is not making me feel great about myself. It’s bad for the ego here, people. Sometimes it makes me think that I am not good enough or qualified enough to even answer phones. Deep down I know that I can do it & I am a great employee. I guess I’m just waiting for someone else to think/see that, too. 

This is all effecting me in not only a job sense, but in a personal sense. I cannot get myself motivated to anything at all. I mean lately I’d rather sit on the couch & watch Netflix all day. Binge watching chick flicks or continuing watching Grey’s Anatomy for the fifth time. So I tell myself that if I accomplish at least one thing per day then I’m still okay. Even if that includes just cooking dinner. As the days go on, I’m struggling with just doing that. I tell myself that I am more than this, that I am better than this, but it’s all just words in my head. I want to think that there’s some secret lesson in this. Unfortunately, I am just not seeing it.

I need to find my motivation again. I am determined to find it again. It is hard now & it is going to continue to be hard, but eventually I will be my 100% self again.

Cheers to being determined!


My Alcohol Favorites


When I find something that I like, I stick to it. I will try something every now & again, but if I don’t like it the first try then I’m just not going to. I’m not one for fruity stuff. If I’m drinking then it’s for the alcohol itself.

Tequila. Feel the burn! It’s for sure the top dog. The favorite for having tequila is margaritas. I have always loved margaritas. My go-to is strawberry. If that’s not an option then it’s either mango or the regular kind.

Wine. My love for wine hasn’t been present forever. I had tried some here & there, but nothing really ever stuck. Until a friend had me try Pink Moscato! That was it. I drank that for a year or so. Earlier this year I became part of a “wine club.” I pay $60 a month & this company ships me 4 bottles. I mean 4 bottles of wine a month, who can deny that. Hell yeah! It’s all from California. You can go online and choose which wines you want shipped, or they will send you some that are recommended based on what you have ordered in the past. So far they have done good. On occasion I may or may not drink a bottle in one setting, but that’s okay. I’m still going to have 3 bottles left, & that’s if I finish all 4 bottles the month before. I like my 1 glass of wine a night. Sometimes I don’t have any, & sometimes I have more than 1 glass. Depending on what I’m feeling. Now getting 4 bottles a month, I need storage to keep them in. My brother-in-law also gave me 2 pictures of wine art when we first moved into the house. I got to thinking, & I came up with doing a “wine wall.” I had bought my wine holder on Amazon. (Thank goodness for Amazon!)

Beer. It was my first drink. Some hate it, but I am one for it. Going out to a bar & drinking it is much cheaper then my ‘fancy’ liquor loving friends. Ha ha. I’m sorry, but I do not think beer tastes like piss (although I’ve always wondered about the people that have that opinion.) Mom had introduced me to the good stuff. Coors Light. I’ve had others, but once again, when I find what I like I stick with it. I used to love Strawberritas. I drank them all the time, so I guess I just got burnt out on them. I haven’t had one in a long time. 

Vodka time. It is not my first choice by all means, but Mikaela doesn’t do tequila so when we drink together it’s what we get. In other words, I had to learn to like it. Cranberry vodkas are when I get when I go out. It’s my go-to bar drink. It’s not that expensive plus I love cranberry juice. Just like any other drink, a bartender will either have it taste just like cranberry juice or vodka. Of course, I wish for the later. If I’m paying for the alcohol, just give it to me. Since I drink vodka when we go out out, unfortunately, when we do shots it’s always vodka. I know better than to mix my alcohol. It took me awhile to get ahold of the taste, but I will never like flavored vodka. Bleh. It’s better just to mix it with something. 

I do not like dark liquor. I can hate it because I have tried. There’s just something about it all that literally doesn’t sit well with me. I swear this all makes me sound like an alcoholic, but I’m really not. The only times I drink, besides the glass of wine at home, is when we have girls night or go out. 

And with that I say Cheers to drinking! 


A Week of the Unemployed ft ME!

Hey guys! It’s officially been a week. It has been eventful, but also relaxing. I am definitely enjoying this life though. I mean my house is clean, my dog is happy (& spoiled), I have dinner cooked overnight, & some kind of goodies are almost always baked. My Bae is also unemployed so we are going through this journey together. In the beginning, we thought it’d be great because we could work on everything together, but now we see how bad it could be. We are both basically lazy & not at all motivated. Both of us off means lots of coffee dates & 2 hour phone conversations…several times a day. Haha! Here’s just a sum of what my first week looked like:

Tuesday:  It was basically a lazy day, but a dinner with my father that night.

Wednesday:  I was heading to the pet store to pick up food for Rover when Mikaela called. Coincidentally, she was headed to the pet store too! She loves her kitties like I love my puppy. It was probably a bad idea to go together, but oh well! (We may love to spoil the babies!) I had arrived a little earlier than her, so I took the opportunity to stop by Bath & Body Works. I wanted a fall candle & a fall scent for my car. I finally decided on which ones I wanted & checked out. It was perfect timing for Bae to arrive, so I then headed to PetSmart. We picked out our pet foods & headed over to the halloween section. How could we not? Unfortunately, we did not get anyone costumes, but we did get toys! Starbucks was in eye sight, so we HAD to head there next. When I got home I started putting out fall & halloween decorations. Later that night I went over to my mom’s house while her best friend was over. I, of course, brought over my bottle of wine & drank it all. 

Thursday:  I woke up to 100% SWEATER WEATHER! That definitely made my morning. Bae & I met up in Cool Springs for coffee. Yes, it was at Starbucks. This time we actually brought our laptops. That’s when I had finally bought & downloaded Microsoft Office. Soon after, we had our wax appointment. Beforehand, we were nervous for some reason. Afterwards, we were refreshed! Finally, we had found our favorite girls! Onward home!

Friday:  The girls were supposed to come over. We were just going to order pizza for dinner, so I didn’t have to worry about that. I decided, instead, that I was going to make pretzels. Technically, they weren’t homemade. I had bought it out of a box, but all that it was all the ingredients measured out in separate bags. I still the all the mixing and rolling. I probably will not be making those again because too much energy goes into rolling all of that dough! Since the over was already on, I decided to then make brownies! Hardly any effort goes into those. I also did a little bit of job applying, too. Mikaela ended up having some car trouble, so Christina & I drove to her. Bottle of wine in one hand & goodies for Bae in the other. We had girls night in where we drank & watched a movie.


Saturday: Hair cut day! I was so ready for my hair to be chopped. That night, Tyler & I ended up going to see a friend’s friend’s band play. I unexpectedly, liked it.



Sunday: Definitely a lazy day! We didn’t even have to spend the day cleaning since I’ve been doing that throughout the week. Hell yeah! Binge watching The Good Place!

Monday: In the late morning, I went and took care of the brother-in-law’s dog. That afternoon, I went to the dentist. I do not hate the dentist entirely, but this time was good because all I was there for was a cleaning. Just a quick in, clean, & then out. 

Well, that was my fun-filled week! It’s all totally new to me, but I’m ready for the next. I will definitely be focusing on applying to jobs half of each day. I can’t promise that’s going to happen, but it should since I’m in need of a job.

Cheers to the unemployed!


The Struggle is Real

It’s time to buckle up & get down to business!

I know that I need to get my resume together. Well turns out you need Microsoft Word on you computer to do that. Ha! I purchased that & then there was the wait for that to download. Then it needed to install onto my computer! While all that was happening, I decided why not start a profile & just start applying.

I just don’t understand how companies expect you to have experience for an entry level job. It’s an entry level job, so you’re really not going to have all that experience. Plus, you can’t start somewhere that wants you to have experience when you can’t find a job that will hire you without the experience. Confused? Yeah, all that to me is confusing.

Is this the life of the “unemployed”? Or is it a bad time of the year to be looking for jobs with it becoming the end of the year? I would love to know. I mean if I had those answers I could have a game plan. If this was the life then I could come to terms with that & not be disappointed. I do have a backup plan plan if I try & nothing comes back to me. It’s the holiday season, so seasonal jobs are everywhere. I’d be covered until the beginning of next year. It would also give me plenty of time to find a new one. One that would be a reliable one. That I could possibly make into a career. I don’t want to take the easy route & just do a seasonal job to make some money & work all kinds of hours, but maybe it’s not actually the “easy” way. It could be the smart way. Maybe it’s the best option. I will use this as my backup plan. You should always have a backup plan anyway, so I’m covered. For now, my plan is apply, apply, apply. If I don’t have anything by November, then I’m definitely going to have to go with my backup plan. We can’t afford for me to go too long without a job.

I know that I can’t wait for the “perfect” job to pop up. Honestly, I’m not sure what that perfect job would be. You can’t always be happy with your job, but that’s why I decided to take this time & find something that I am remotely interested in. I do not want to just jump into something new without really thinking. I don’t know exactly what I want to do or who I want to be. I know that I have to start somewhere. Technically, I did start somewhere last time, but where I could have ended up was not somewhere that I wanted to be anymore. I had to think: Do I want to keep moving up in this company? Over time the answer became no. Time to find somewhere that I can be happy & improve my experience & skill set.

It took a lot of time & dedication, but I have completed my resume. By dedication I mean focus. It’s hard sitting at home with my attention whore of a dog, a TV, & do not forget my nice, comfy bed. So many distractions. Also, I am not the best at talking myself up. Thank goodness for Google, Dictionary.com, and my Bae for the help. Mikaela is also trying to find a job, so we are both bonding even more (I don’t know how that’s even possible). Of course, she did not have the same choice of whether or not she was going to have to go through this process. I chose to, but she did not.

Time to go crack down on these applications! Cheers!!


The Toss Up

To be nervous or not to be nervous? My thought process every time I agree to go on an outing with my father. I only see & hear from him every so often when he wants something. This time, my aunt 7 uncle were in town for the night. They wanted to do dinner & catch up. It has been over a year since I’ve seen them. As usual, my father had texted me 24 hours beforehand to ask/let me know. Yes, it’s very annoying. Unfortunately, it’s something I’m used to. 

In 99% of the visits it’s either a good or bad visit. I either come out breathing normally or I’m crying. When it’s bad I always call my mom. Who else is going to understand my father & his asshole ways. When there are the good visits (very rare) they take me by surprise. My thoughts are like hmm why does this have to be so difficult. 

My father & I’s relationship is complicated. When I was young, I was daddy’s little girl. After my parents got divorced I remember the change in him. My brother & I lived with mom & then spent after school to evenings with dad. Dad, of course, hated that & that’s when he started being hateful. He started working 3 jobs, so when Andy & I went over every other weekend we would have to go with him. He got angry so easily & that didn’t sit well with me. It was all about him. Not always did he act like a father. As we got older it became more & more clear: Andy & I were a burden. If he didn’t have to pay for us then he wouldn’t have to work 3 jobs. Blah, blah, blah. After a ling while of becoming distant, being close with mom, & just being tired of all the disappointment, I decided it was best for me to no longer to see him.

At the age of 12, in Tennessee, you become able to decide for yourself. If you want to keep everything the same, chose to live with the other parent, or not to see one at all. It was in high school that I decided what was best for me. It was rough for me, and he was very angry. He never understood why, so he just blames it on mom. Since then, our visits/conversation have been tense. It has turned into that I only see him about twice a year. Honestly, that’s okay with me. I controlled when I saw him. Everything, though, it’s like what is he going to say & ask. Who is he going to talk shit about this time. I may be in control of when I saw him, but not what was talked about. Recently, (and when I say recently I mean in the last 2 years when I have seen him) it’s been all about him. Sure the question ‘how are you’ came up, but nothing more. Man, I cannot understand how a person can just talk about themselves for so freaking long.

He was so not accepting when Tyler & I told him we were getting married. We had my mom’s blessing & that was all that mattered. When we told father dearest the news, he said “no.” Who was he to say anything at all? He also thought he was walking me down the aisle. That was my turn to say “no.” More like hell no. Don’t worry, my mom had that covered for me. Talk about a father being pissed. Ha definitely. That’s how delusional he is.

It was nice having other people there this time. We met at the mall food court. it was all small talk. No super serious conversation. There was talk of family & how everyone was doing. It was nice. They started talking about insurance. That’s when a comment happened. Dad said “oh yeah I’ve got to talk to you about that.” Insert my eye roll. Thankfully my uncle just kept going on with what he was saying. It wouldn’t be the first time my father wanted to talk to me about insurance. He’s never wanted to cover Andy or I. Especially now that we are both adults. Little does he know that I quit my job & no longer have my own, so he’s definitely not getting out of it. It was not information that he needed to know. Plus, I did not need a speech from him. Not his place. There’s no telling when he’s actually going to bring that back up. Guess I’ll just wait & see. We all said our goodbyes & see you laters. We ended & went our separate ways.

Cheers to sucky fathers!



Retiring from Stress

4am.  Alarm goes off. Last day. Do I get up, do I take a quick nap & go in late, or do I just say screw it? Do I care or do I not care? What kind of person do I want to be on my last day of work? Honestly, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t go in on time. Don’t get me wrong I wish I could be rebellious & not care, but there’s no way that I could do that. You could say I met in the middle. I lounged around & read for about 10 minutes. I finally got myself up, showered, & got dressed. My hair would just have to air dry, & I would do a touch of makeup in the car.

Decision time. What am I going to listen to on my drive in? Halsey was it. I love her new song Without Me, so I had put it on repeat. (That’s what I do when I find a new song that I love.) It made sense that I did because I’ve listened to every other one of her songs at least 100 times. No joke. Maybe there was also an underlying message. Featuring Panera Bread.

10am. Break time. I went & filled up my car with gas & call my bestie. I mean who else do I tell all my drama to?

3:30pm. Clocked out. Well I left work late. Who doesn’t go in early & leave late on their last day of work? Or was that just me?

The work day was definitely stress free. I had a lot that I needed to get done, but I wan’t anxious about it. Hence, me not leaving at 2. There were some bumps in my planned day. After everything was said & done, I go it all finished & turned in my key. Hugs were given all around. Tears were shed with the boss lady. As much as she was the boss lady, she was like a second mom. All bittersweet, but I know that I will see my girls again outside of working there. You become so close with those you work with on a daily basis. There is so many stories & experiences. I wouldn’t change a thing when it came to those girls!

When I left the building, I closed a chapter of my life. Sitting in my car in the parking lot, it all became surreal & I was excited to start my next. I don’t know what that one will consist of, but I know that I am ready.

Cheers to my ‘retirement’! 




It’s October!

Fall. Halloween. Pumpkin Spice. Sweater. Fires. Anniversary. 

Its’s officially fall! Time to put away those shorts & summer decor & bring in the leaves & sweaters. I cannot decide what I’m most excited for. Fall is my favorite season of all. Perfect weather. No more heat & humidity. Yuck. The nice lowering temperatures & a cool breeze to knock those leaves off the trees. That means bring on the warmer clothes!

Sweater freaking weather! So comfy & warm. I probably have enough sweaters to go the whole season without doing laundry. Being fall also means pumpkin spice lattes. Yes ma’am. It’s so hard not to have one everyday. Yummmmy. Yes, I am your basic white girl in the fall. Walking into Starbucks wearing leggings, boots, & a long fluffy sweater going to order a pumpkin spice latte. The smell of burning leaves is my favorite smell. No idea why, but it smells so good. That & being next to a warm fire curled in a blanket. That is life.

October also means for Halloween! Love love love. I mean who doesn’t love to get all dressed up in something different & go out. When I was younger I also did it for the candy, but now that wouldn’t be acceptable for me. It takes me forever to figure out who or what I will be. Already, I can’t choose between 2 things. And that’s because I won’t let my mind wander to thing of something else to add to my options. There’s just too many choices! There’s always next year though. Aside form December, this is the month to just binge watch movies! Hocus Pocus, the  Halloweentown series, Charlie Brown, Twitches, & The Adam’s family. Those are my classics. I am a scaredy cat when it comes to scary movies. So your Halloween favorites might be totally different from mine. I just think too much into them & then imagine it in real life. 

I may be biased on October being my favorite month because that’s Tyler & I’s anniversary month. It’s going to be 2 years since we married. We have been going on vacay at that time to celebrate. It’s the perfect weather to go anywhere. We are not fans of the heat or the cold. Unfortunately, that means being away for Halloween. It’s Tyler’s favorite holiday. Wherever we go, there’s always somewhere that we can go to spend it. 

All the above & more! My excitement no longer contained. Cheers to the Fall!!