The Words I Needed the Most

The Words I Needed the Most

I read this today & I felt it whole-heartedly:

I told you I’d move on. I told you I’d let go someday. Honestly, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it was worth it. For me, for my heart. You hurt me so bad. You killed my trust, you changed me. I knew I could be strong enough to let you go. I knew it & I did it. I can’t explain how proud I am. Because I’m the only one who knows how much you hurt me. But here I am now, healing. We may love the wrong person, cry for the wrong person, but one thing is for sure, mistakes will help us find the right person someday.


That spoke right to me. These words are my feelings that I could never form. It was today of all days that I really needed to see & read these very words. As emotional & in my head that I was today, it was while reading those exact words that I could finally take a full breath. A tiny grin formed on my face & I regained hope for my healing. I know that I can’t give up. Don’t worry, I am not. The hope got lost in all the thoughts & memories that were swimming around in my head. I have reread it umpteenth times throughout the day. Reminding myself of the beautiful words I had discovered.

Thank you to the unknown who wrote them. Thank you for all the people it went through to get into my sights.


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