My ‘OH WOW’ Moment

My ‘OH WOW’ Moment

As a newly divorcee, I would just like to say how refreshing life can be. Like a weight has been lifted & I can breathe again. Like holy shit it’s unbelievable. I’m sorry to all the people who promised me that I would feel better when all of this was over. I can honestly say that I did not believe you whatsoever & may have told you to “fuck off” in my head. I can smile & it not feel forced. I can laugh & it actually be genuine & real.

The other day one of my coworkers asked what was wrong with me. I was confused since I was just laughing & carrying on with another coworker. She saw my confusion & said that I seem different. That actually made me giggle. “This is the real me. Happy. The girl you met & have known was someone who was sad & lost. No worries, I’m back & this is me!” was my response. I don’t think that I’ve ever been so proud of myself for saying such a truthful fact.

It has been a long journey finding myself. It’s crazy the moment I became whole again. It was like a damn revelation! The feeling hit me full force when I awoke that day. Pure happiness. Now just to embrace it & let the world see!

This bitch is back! xoxo

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