My Alcohol Favorites

My Alcohol Favorites


When I find something that I like, I stick to it. I will try something every now & again, but if I don’t like it the first try then I’m just not going to. I’m not one for fruity stuff. If I’m drinking then it’s for the alcohol itself.

Tequila. Feel the burn! It’s for sure the top dog. The favorite for having tequila is margaritas. I have always loved margaritas. My go-to is strawberry. If that’s not an option then it’s either mango or the regular kind.

Wine. My love for wine hasn’t been present forever. I had tried some here & there, but nothing really ever stuck. Until a friend had me try Pink Moscato! That was it. I drank that for a year or so. Earlier this year I became part of a “wine club.” I pay $60 a month & this company ships me 4 bottles. I mean 4 bottles of wine a month, who can deny that. Hell yeah! It’s all from California. You can go online and choose which wines you want shipped, or they will send you some that are recommended based on what you have ordered in the past. So far they have done good. On occasion I may or may not drink a bottle in one setting, but that’s okay. I’m still going to have 3 bottles left, & that’s if I finish all 4 bottles the month before. I like my 1 glass of wine a night. Sometimes I don’t have any, & sometimes I have more than 1 glass. Depending on what I’m feeling. Now getting 4 bottles a month, I need storage to keep them in. My brother-in-law also gave me 2 pictures of wine art when we first moved into the house. I got to thinking, & I came up with doing a “wine wall.” I had bought my wine holder on Amazon. (Thank goodness for Amazon!)

Beer. It was my first drink. Some hate it, but I am one for it. Going out to a bar & drinking it is much cheaper then my ‘fancy’ liquor loving friends. Ha ha. I’m sorry, but I do not think beer tastes like piss (although I’ve always wondered about the people that have that opinion.) Mom had introduced me to the good stuff. Coors Light. I’ve had others, but once again, when I find what I like I stick with it. I used to love Strawberritas. I drank them all the time, so I guess I just got burnt out on them. I haven’t had one in a long time. 

Vodka time. It is not my first choice by all means, but Mikaela doesn’t do tequila so when we drink together it’s what we get. In other words, I had to learn to like it. Cranberry vodkas are when I get when I go out. It’s my go-to bar drink. It’s not that expensive plus I love cranberry juice. Just like any other drink, a bartender will either have it taste just like cranberry juice or vodka. Of course, I wish for the later. If I’m paying for the alcohol, just give it to me. Since I drink vodka when we go out out, unfortunately, when we do shots it’s always vodka. I know better than to mix my alcohol. It took me awhile to get ahold of the taste, but I will never like flavored vodka. Bleh. It’s better just to mix it with something. 

I do not like dark liquor. I can hate it because I have tried. There’s just something about it all that literally doesn’t sit well with me. I swear this all makes me sound like an alcoholic, but I’m really not. The only times I drink, besides the glass of wine at home, is when we have girls night or go out. 

And with that I say Cheers to drinking! 


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