A Week of the Unemployed ft ME!

A Week of the Unemployed ft ME!

Hey guys! It’s officially been a week. It has been eventful, but also relaxing. I am definitely enjoying this life though. I mean my house is clean, my dog is happy (& spoiled), I have dinner cooked overnight, & some kind of goodies are almost always baked. My Bae is also unemployed so we are going through this journey together. In the beginning, we thought it’d be great because we could work on everything together, but now we see how bad it could be. We are both basically lazy & not at all motivated. Both of us off means lots of coffee dates & 2 hour phone conversations…several times a day. Haha! Here’s just a sum of what my first week looked like:

Tuesday:  It was basically a lazy day, but a dinner with my father that night.

Wednesday:  I was heading to the pet store to pick up food for Rover when Mikaela called. Coincidentally, she was headed to the pet store too! She loves her kitties like I love my puppy. It was probably a bad idea to go together, but oh well! (We may love to spoil the babies!) I had arrived a little earlier than her, so I took the opportunity to stop by Bath & Body Works. I wanted a fall candle & a fall scent for my car. I finally decided on which ones I wanted & checked out. It was perfect timing for Bae to arrive, so I then headed to PetSmart. We picked out our pet foods & headed over to the halloween section. How could we not? Unfortunately, we did not get anyone costumes, but we did get toys! Starbucks was in eye sight, so we HAD to head there next. When I got home I started putting out fall & halloween decorations. Later that night I went over to my mom’s house while her best friend was over. I, of course, brought over my bottle of wine & drank it all. 

Thursday:  I woke up to 100% SWEATER WEATHER! That definitely made my morning. Bae & I met up in Cool Springs for coffee. Yes, it was at Starbucks. This time we actually brought our laptops. That’s when I had finally bought & downloaded Microsoft Office. Soon after, we had our wax appointment. Beforehand, we were nervous for some reason. Afterwards, we were refreshed! Finally, we had found our favorite girls! Onward home!

Friday:  The girls were supposed to come over. We were just going to order pizza for dinner, so I didn’t have to worry about that. I decided, instead, that I was going to make pretzels. Technically, they weren’t homemade. I had bought it out of a box, but all that it was all the ingredients measured out in separate bags. I still the all the mixing and rolling. I probably will not be making those again because too much energy goes into rolling all of that dough! Since the over was already on, I decided to then make brownies! Hardly any effort goes into those. I also did a little bit of job applying, too. Mikaela ended up having some car trouble, so Christina & I drove to her. Bottle of wine in one hand & goodies for Bae in the other. We had girls night in where we drank & watched a movie.


Saturday: Hair cut day! I was so ready for my hair to be chopped. That night, Tyler & I ended up going to see a friend’s friend’s band play. I unexpectedly, liked it.



Sunday: Definitely a lazy day! We didn’t even have to spend the day cleaning since I’ve been doing that throughout the week. Hell yeah! Binge watching The Good Place!

Monday: In the late morning, I went and took care of the brother-in-law’s dog. That afternoon, I went to the dentist. I do not hate the dentist entirely, but this time was good because all I was there for was a cleaning. Just a quick in, clean, & then out. 

Well, that was my fun-filled week! It’s all totally new to me, but I’m ready for the next. I will definitely be focusing on applying to jobs half of each day. I can’t promise that’s going to happen, but it should since I’m in need of a job.

Cheers to the unemployed!


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