The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real

It’s time to buckle up & get down to business!

I know that I need to get my resume together. Well turns out you need Microsoft Word on you computer to do that. Ha! I purchased that & then there was the wait for that to download. Then it needed to install onto my computer! While all that was happening, I decided why not start a profile & just start applying.

I just don’t understand how companies expect you to have experience for an entry level job. It’s an entry level job, so you’re really not going to have all that experience. Plus, you can’t start somewhere that wants you to have experience when you can’t find a job that will hire you without the experience. Confused? Yeah, all that to me is confusing.

Is this the life of the “unemployed”? Or is it a bad time of the year to be looking for jobs with it becoming the end of the year? I would love to know. I mean if I had those answers I could have a game plan. If this was the life then I could come to terms with that & not be disappointed. I do have a backup plan plan if I try & nothing comes back to me. It’s the holiday season, so seasonal jobs are everywhere. I’d be covered until the beginning of next year. It would also give me plenty of time to find a new one. One that would be a reliable one. That I could possibly make into a career. I don’t want to take the easy route & just do a seasonal job to make some money & work all kinds of hours, but maybe it’s not actually the “easy” way. It could be the smart way. Maybe it’s the best option. I will use this as my backup plan. You should always have a backup plan anyway, so I’m covered. For now, my plan is apply, apply, apply. If I don’t have anything by November, then I’m definitely going to have to go with my backup plan. We can’t afford for me to go too long without a job.

I know that I can’t wait for the “perfect” job to pop up. Honestly, I’m not sure what that perfect job would be. You can’t always be happy with your job, but that’s why I decided to take this time & find something that I am remotely interested in. I do not want to just jump into something new without really thinking. I don’t know exactly what I want to do or who I want to be. I know that I have to start somewhere. Technically, I did start somewhere last time, but where I could have ended up was not somewhere that I wanted to be anymore. I had to think: Do I want to keep moving up in this company? Over time the answer became no. Time to find somewhere that I can be happy & improve my experience & skill set.

It took a lot of time & dedication, but I have completed my resume. By dedication I mean focus. It’s hard sitting at home with my attention whore of a dog, a TV, & do not forget my nice, comfy bed. So many distractions. Also, I am not the best at talking myself up. Thank goodness for Google,, and my Bae for the help. Mikaela is also trying to find a job, so we are both bonding even more (I don’t know how that’s even possible). Of course, she did not have the same choice of whether or not she was going to have to go through this process. I chose to, but she did not.

Time to go crack down on these applications! Cheers!!


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