It’s October!

It’s October!

Fall. Halloween. Pumpkin Spice. Sweater. Fires. Anniversary. 

Its’s officially fall! Time to put away those shorts & summer decor & bring in the leaves & sweaters. I cannot decide what I’m most excited for. Fall is my favorite season of all. Perfect weather. No more heat & humidity. Yuck. The nice lowering temperatures & a cool breeze to knock those leaves off the trees. That means bring on the warmer clothes!

Sweater freaking weather! So comfy & warm. I probably have enough sweaters to go the whole season without doing laundry. Being fall also means pumpkin spice lattes. Yes ma’am. It’s so hard not to have one everyday. Yummmmy. Yes, I am your basic white girl in the fall. Walking into Starbucks wearing leggings, boots, & a long fluffy sweater going to order a pumpkin spice latte. The smell of burning leaves is my favorite smell. No idea why, but it smells so good. That & being next to a warm fire curled in a blanket. That is life.

October also means for Halloween! Love love love. I mean who doesn’t love to get all dressed up in something different & go out. When I was younger I also did it for the candy, but now that wouldn’t be acceptable for me. It takes me forever to figure out who or what I will be. Already, I can’t choose between 2 things. And that’s because I won’t let my mind wander to thing of something else to add to my options. There’s just too many choices! There’s always next year though. Aside form December, this is the month to just binge watch movies! Hocus Pocus, the  Halloweentown series, Charlie Brown, Twitches, & The Adam’s family. Those are my classics. I am a scaredy cat when it comes to scary movies. So your Halloween favorites might be totally different from mine. I just think too much into them & then imagine it in real life. 

I may be biased on October being my favorite month because that’s Tyler & I’s anniversary month. It’s going to be 2 years since we married. We have been going on vacay at that time to celebrate. It’s the perfect weather to go anywhere. We are not fans of the heat or the cold. Unfortunately, that means being away for Halloween. It’s Tyler’s favorite holiday. Wherever we go, there’s always somewhere that we can go to spend it. 

All the above & more! My excitement no longer contained. Cheers to the Fall!!



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