The Start of a New Day

The Start of a New Day

“With the new day comes new strength & new thoughts. “

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Clarity. Do you every wake up with a million things, ideas, & plans running through your head? You start your day with a new head space. It’s free & clear so that you can start the day with a new approach. Yesterday is the past. You can make today what you want. You control your mind & thoughts. Of course, sometimes the mind wanders, but it’s up to you what you do with that information. If something occurs the day before, a good sleep is good for the mind. It gives you a rest & time to think in a different perspective. The strength that you have so suddenly when you wake is because you gave your head a brief moment of peace & time to recuperate. 

I have restarted practicing yoga. It’s good for your mind & body. You finish refreshed. I am making new life decisions that I’m terrified of doing, but I found my strength. I believe in myself & I know I will find the right path for me. My strength & positivity are most visible in the morning. I do not have those negative thoughts telling me it’s too risky or stupid. As the day goes on, I get to control if those thoughts stick to me or not. I am going to continue to not let that happen. I am working on not letting any negative thoughts that I may have get to me. I am in control. As are you. You know what’s best for you. I am a happy sunshine person & cannot let negatives get the best of me. It messes with your mind. Clarity. We all need clarity to do the best for ourselves. 

It’s just like I said earlier. Yesterday is in the past. You can forgive & forget, but it’s important to move forward. Don’t go on & on repeating the negatives in you. It is not good for your mind. Focus on the positives of your life. If you can’t think that far, just focus on your ‘today’. The greatness that you could be today. The good deeds or short term goals. Sometimes I get a little angry with myself for not cooking dinner. I wake the next day & I become determined to make dinner that night. That is a version of strength. You can move on, but still do better. Obviously, cooking dinner may not be a big deal to all, but it was just a small example of me. 



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