Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye


Delilah Jane


Today we let you go. I remember when you came into our lives. You & your twin sister. She passed away soon after you guys arrived. You were a queen from the start. “Queen Bitch” as I called you. When you were young, you were a wild thing playing with the others. As you grew up you became lazy. Acting all mature & too good to play with a toy. My brother learned if he said “You want to climb a tree” you would perk your ears up & tilt your head to the side because you heard “You want a treat.” Haha. 

You were always by mom’s side. One summer I spent all my time at home with you, & I liked to think that you were actually my girl. You were the dog that got to stay in the house full-time. Spoiled. Rotten. After the split, mom took care of you like the spoiled dog you were. I mean, yes, when I came to take care of you when she was out you definitely got your fair share of treats & canned food. You were good at keeping secrets & pawing me when I cried. And you definitely hated taking selfies with me. Always mean mugging.

I didn’t get to say goodbye. I don’t think that I would have been able to, so maybe you did me a favor. We knew the time was coming, but I’m glad you left on your own terms.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life. Mainly, just being my main bitch. I love you & say hi to Dee Dee for me!



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